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Buzzfeed, April 3, 2015, by Adrian Carrasquillo
Puerto Ricans will pass Cubans as the largest Latino group in Florida in the coming years. But will Puerto Ricans mobilize in this key swing state in 2016?
Quartz, March 24, 2015, by Julio Varela
Leave it to a British comic to school us all on the least talked-about race problem in America—well, except the millions of Americans living in Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, the Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa.
Law360, February 9, 2015, by Daniel Wilson
U.S. citizenship is a “fundamental” constitutional right for those born on any de jure sovereign U.S. soil, according to Neil Weare of the We the People Project, counsel for the plaintiffs, a group of American Samoan “noncitizen nationals” led by Leneuoti Tuaua., October 29, 2014, by Josh Hicks
“The federal government has not done their part to assist the very patriotic group of American citizens fighting in so many distant lands, in areas that have never tasted democracy,” [Guam Governor Eddie] Calvo said. “Yet these American citizens of Guam really have not felt what true democracy is all about.”
Huffington Post, September 17, 2014, by Neil Weare
On September 17, the U.S. Constitution celebrates its 227th birthday. For more than half those years -- 115 to be exact -- residents of overseas U.S. territories have been denied full and equal membership as part of We the People. Read more.
Orlando Sentinel, March 18, 2014, by Neil Weare
If Americans in U.S. territories are good enough to serve in times of war, they deserve the right to vote for their Commander-in-Chief.  Read more.
The Volokh Conspiracy (, May 29, 2014, by Will Baude
American Samoa is a territory that is part of the United States. So you might have thought that people born in American Samoa are U.S. Citizens. But the federal government has long taken the view that they are not. It is not clear that this is consistent with the Fourteenth Amendment. Read more.
Washington Post, February 4, 2014, by Neil Weare
Together, the population of the District and U.S. territories is greater than that of half the states and larger than the six smallest states combined. More than 160,000 veterans live in these areas, with over 20,000 having served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Read more.
Huffington Post, January 22, 2014, by Neil Weare
Where you live, whether it is a state, territory or the District of Columbia, should not affect your right to vote. If residents of Guam and other U.S. territories are putting their lives on the line to defend democracy, they deserve to be its full participants. Our American ideals demand no less. Read more.
The Atlantic, January 9, 2014, by Daniel Weeks

Is there a connection between deprivation and a lack of federal representation? The people in territories without a vote sure think so. Read more.


Marianas Business Journal, July 14, 2014
An interview with Attorneys Neil Weare and Leevin Camacho about an exciting new federal voting rights challenge being developed by We the People Project.  Read more
VI Daily News, May 17, 2014, by Aldeth Lewin
Former Gov. Charles Turnbull and V.I. Delegate to Congress Donna Christensen filed an amicus brief along with other past and present officials of other U.S. territories this week in a lawsuit about citizenship rights for unincorporated territories that is pending before a federal appeals court. Read more.
Metro Puerto Rico, May 14, 2014
El exgobernador Pedro Rosselló se unió el miércoles, como amigo de la corte al reclamo de un grupo de samoanos que piden la igualdad ciudadana, en una demanda que podría cambiar el estado de derecho en la Nación con relación a la Doctrina de los Casos Insulares. Read more.
Samoa News, April 30, 2014, by Fili Sagapolutele
The American Samoan plaintiffs in the citizenship lawsuit have filed their merit brief with the federal appeals’ court in Washington D.C. and their main argument is that the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees them citizenship by birth on U.S. soil. Read more.
Radio Australia, May 15, 2014
A landmark appeal in Washington DC could determine the future status of those born in US territories. Read more.
Pacific Daily News, May 15, 2014, by Steve Limtiaco
Former Gov. Carl Gutierrez, Guam Del. Madeleine Bordallo, and former Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Insular Areas Tony Babauta are among those who filed a brief in federal court this week related to the rights of residents in the U.S. territories. Read more.
Pacific Daily News Op-Ed, May 4, 2014, by Neil Weare
Achieving equal rights and representation [in U.S. territories and DC] is easier said than done. One thing is clear though --what we've been doing over the last several decades hasn't worked. That's why we're trying something new. Read more.
Pacific Daily News, April 29, 2014, by Steve Limtiaco
The issue of equal rights for residents of U.S. territories now sits with a federal appeals court, according to attorney Neil Weare, a former Guam resident, who last week filed the opening brief for the appeal. Read more.
VI Daily News, February 18, 2014, by Aldeth Lewin

The rights of residents in the U.S. territories are being questioned by top legal minds pushing for equal citizenship rights for all Americans.  With a Harvard University conference on the topic scheduled for this week and a lawsuit pending in federal court, the subject is getting national attention.  Read more.

Pacific Daily News, Guam, November 9, 2013
We The People Project launched its West Coast campaign with an introduction of Neil Weare, president and founder, from Washington D.C., by West Coast Director, Felix Sablan at the popular Tio Chino's restaurant. Read more.
El Nuevo Dia, Puerto Rico, July 8, 2013
Una nueva organización denominada “We The People Project” aspira a elevar el reclamo para que el Gobierno federal termine con el limbo en que se encuentran y le otorgue mayor representación política a los territorios, incluido Puerto Rico.  Read more
Pacific Daily News, Guam, July 4, 2013
Former Guam resident Neil Weare, who is part of an effort to clarify the political status of Guam and the U.S. territories, last week said a citizenship case related to that effort was dismissed by the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C.  Read more
El Nuevo Dia, Puerto Rico, June 28, 2013
Al descartar otorgarle la ciudadanía estadounidense a cinco samoanos por la vía judicial, un juez federal de Washington D.C. ha echado mano a los casos insulares de hace un siglo para acentuar que solo los derechos fundamentales de la Constitución federal están garantizados para los residentes de los territorios no incorporados. Read more
AP, June 27, 2013
A federal judge in Washington, D.C., is dismissing a lawsuit filed by five American Samoa residents who say people born in the unincorporated U.S. territory should automatically receive U.S. citizenship.  Read more
Marianas Variety, Guam, June 3, 2013

Former Democratic Gov. Carl Gutierrez and former Republican Lt. Gov. Kaleo Moylan met Friday to discuss strategies to drum up support for the We the People Project, a new movement aimed at achieving equal rights and representation for Americans living in U.S. territories.  Read more

Marianas Variety, Guam, May 15, 2013
Neil Weare, president and founder of the We the People project, spoke to about 100 people in the CLASS Lecture Hall at the University of Guam yesterday about the project that seeks equal rights and political representation for all those living in the U.S., including residents of the U.S. territories and Washington, D.C.  Read more
ACSBlog, August 23, 2013, by Neil Weare
On the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, more than 4 million Americans living in U.S. territories – a population greater than that of nearly half the states – are still waiting to realize the dream. Read more.
Samoa News Op-Ed, April 17, 2013, by Charles Ala'ilima
Flag Day is a particularly appropriate time to consider the history of our relationship with the United States and what it means for the question of citizenship and the continued preservation of our land and culture. Read more.
The Seattle Globalist, July 23, 2012

Imagine being born in a country where you can work, travel freely and even join the military, but you’re not considered a citizen.  That’s the situation facing 56,000 residents of American Samoa. Read more

Samoa News Op-Ed, July 16, 2012, by Leneuoti Tuaua
I am not a lawyer. But I do know it is wrong that the United States is denying American Samoans U.S citizenship at the same time our sons and daughters are risking their lives to defend the American flag overseas. Read more.
AP, July 13, 2012

A group of five people have filed a federal lawsuit arguing they should be U.S. citizens by virtue of being born in American Samoa, the only U.S. territory that doesn't grant that birthright.  Read more

Reuters, July 12, 2012
by David Ingram

Eight natives of American Samoa filed a lawsuit on Tuesday in an attempt to win U.S. citizenship rights, which despite the name of the South Pacific territory, they do not receive at birth.  Read more